Libations: An app for the coffee, tea, or spirits connoisseur

Nicolette Michelle

I just recently discovered the app Libations. They're an app that lets you rate drinks ranging from wine, whiskey, tea, coffee, and beer. I have been waiting a long time for an app like this. It's your own personal drink journal, great for looking back on when you can't decide what to drink, or when you can't remember the name of that last delicious craft beer you had.

Universities under threat from MOOC revolution

The Asahi Shimbun

It’s been called the biggest educational revolution in centuries, an increasingly popular movement that could shape the future of higher learning around the globe.

Tech firms take off


Local tech firms are on a hiring binge. At least 50 companies belonging to the Silicon Shire — a local tech networking group — are hiring, according to its website.

Astronomy Picture of the Day app review: NASA approved photos of the universe


I always struggle finding a nice background for my device, and I always want a change of background once every few days. It’s hard to keep looking out for backgrounds that fit your taste, don’t over clutter your screen, and are nice to look at. Since I am quite interested in space and everything related to it, I like to have a nice background of a starry sky. Luckily for me, Concentric Sky has released Astronomy Picture of the Day, a high resolution photo app for iPhone and iPad that brings you the latest and best photos from infinity and beyond, all in collaboration with NASA. 

Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome


Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome is just one of the many outstanding apps provided by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.. This app provides an excellent resource for you, your children, and (if you're a teacher), your students to use to learn more about ancient Rome outside of the classroom. Learn facts, play puzzles, watch videos, and interact with an app that goes far beyond basic encyclopedias.

Silicon America: A Map of Tech Hubs in America

Andrade Economics

There aren't many hobbits in Oregon, but there are a lot of technology companies. Rick Turoczy put it best on his site Silicon Florist:

Apparently middle Oregon has a great deal in common with Middle Earth. The Eugene startup scene just launched Silicon Shire, and it’s an interesting visualization of what’s happening in the startup scene.

Creativity, beauty mingle at Concentric Sky


What does a huge dome that pulsates with colored LED lights when music is playing have to do with keeping the creativity flowing at Concentric Sky, a Eugene Web development firm?

Everything, it turns out.

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