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Developed in partnership with NASA astronomers, APOD for iOS is the official companion app for NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day project. With over 12 billion daily page views, APOD is one of NASA’s most popular websites. The project features the world’s largest collection of astronomy photos.

First released in early 2009 for iOS, APOD has since been ported to Android, Windows, Apple TV and the Apple Watch. The apps have been downloaded over 3 million times and have been featured by Apple on several occasions.

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National Geographic

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Concentric Sky developed the analytics and reporting systems of myNGconnect, National Geographic’s award-winning K-8 learning platform designed to make tracking student progress against state standards simple and intuitive.

Concentric Sky also created a map-based game engine to supplement the National Geographic Bee - an annual geography competition held in schools across the US. GeoBee Challenge for iOS is one of Apple’s officially recommended Back To School Apps.

The apps have since been ported to a number of other platforms including Android and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Gameplay is designed to support multiple learning styles and an integration with Apple’s Game Center allows students using the apps to compete against other players worldwide.

Encyclopedia Britannica

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Known as the definitive encyclopedia app for the iPad, Encyclopedia Britannica for iOS provides effortless access to the full range of Britannica’s archives. The app features LinkMap, a visual linking system designed by Concentric Sky to facilitate the browsing of large interconnected article collections.

The success of this award-winning app facilitated Encyclopedia Britannica’s switch to a purely digital sales model.

Concentric Sky also designed and developed Encyclopedia Britannica’s award-winning line of K-6 products, EB Kids. This series of apps for iOS, Android, and Windows were recognized by Apple as among their “favorite apps for learning” and were featured prominently as part of the launch of the iPad 2.

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Open Badges is the name of a group of specifications and technical standards originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation with funding from the MacArthur Foundation.

Badgr is an open-source platform for issuing and managing Open Badges. It gives users the ability to issue portable digital badges to students, staff, and users; store, manage, and share their own badges; and discover new learning opportunities.

With integration partners including edX and Instructure, Badgr serves up fully verifiable digital credentials for tens of thousands of users around the world.


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FamilyCare Health is a Coordinated Care Organization serving over 120,000 members in the Portland, Oregon metro area. With a focus on member needs and cross-platform compatibility, Concentric Sky has worked with FamilyCare Health to develop a holistic digital strategy.

The Android and iOS apps provide members with access to member services, and information to aid in good health decision processes. Powered by an integrated set of APIs, the apps provide users with custom information and services based on their insurance plan coverage.


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Spyf is a revolutionary new retail sales channel. By harnessing the power of their own enthusiastic customers, Spyf helps its brand partners extend their sales reach without the need for showrooms of retail inventory management.

Designed and built by Concentric Sky from the ground up, the Spyf ecosystem features a robust suite of backend, mobile, and eCommerce systems.


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With operations in more that 20 countries, Cengage is one of the world’s largest publishers of educational content.

In partnership with Cengage, Concentric Sky has developed a number of award-winning Homework and Assessment products that deliver customized assessments targeting areas where students need the most help.

Backed by a pioneering, cloud-based analytics platform designed by Concentric Sky, these tools help instructors visualize and track student use of online resources and their performance against learning objectives over time.


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Developed under a partnership between The US Department of Education, The University of Oregon, and Concentric Sky, the KinderTEK™ suite of learning apps create an immersive learning ecosystem for kids based on 5 years of study into iPad-based pedagogy.

At the heart of the system are the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten Math. Activities and learning outcomes are designed to teach key Common Core domains. Teachers gain insight into student progress using either a web-based reporting tool or a teacher companion app that shows real-time student progress in the classroom.

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The World Bank

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The World Bank is a global financial institution that offers economic assistance to developing countries with an aim to reduce poverty around the world.

Concentric Sky has developed a number of apps for the World Bank, including the widely-featured Doing Business at a Glance app that serves as an interactive companion to the bank’s annual Doing Business report.

The app quantifies business regulations and property rights across 183 economies with business reform summaries for each economy. Users can compare economies against other economies and regions using a wide variety of economic indicators.

Emergent Healthcare Solutions

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Emergent Health Care Solutions develops innovative technology solutions for health care professionals and their patients.

Based on patented user interface technology developed by Concentric Sky, the the company recently launched iConx, and Electronic Health Record for iPad provides an easy-to-use native interface for the NextGen EMR/EHR.

The innovative, icon-driven timeline makes browsing a patient’s medical history effortless, while the Scribble Pad allows medical professionals to take notes during visits. Nuance-powered dictation and the ability to write prescriptions in-app help create a time-saving, practitioner-centric user experience.

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